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Thursday, May 26, 2016
Israel Honors Gays and Lesbian Victims of the Holocaust PDF Print E-mail


Tel Aviv has become the first Israeli city to unveil a memorial in honour of gay and lesbian victims of the Nazi Holocaust.  The monument in the centre of the city is designed around a pink triangle - the symbol gay prisoners were forced to wear in the concentration camps.  As many as 15,000 homosexuals were killed in the Nazi camps.  Similar monuments in their memory have been erected in Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco and Sydney.

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Evita Peron; Her Life, Her Mission, Her Destiny PDF Print E-mail


Buenos Aires, July 26, 1952. Argentina is wrapped in silence as the country listens to the official communique from the Subsecretariat of Information: "It is our sad duty to inform the people of the Republic that Eva Perón, the Spiritual Leader of the Nation, died at 8:25 P.M.  From that initial silence sprang forth the sound of weeping and the sound of corks popping from champagne bottles. These sounds reflected the love and the hate that Evita inspired. The sounds of weeping reached the street and took the form of interminable lines visible to all the world until the day of Evita's funeral on August 11th, 1952. The champagne glasses were raised in private.

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The Death of a President: John F Kennedy Remembered 50 Years Later PDF Print E-mail


May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United States. He was the first president to reach for the moon, through the nation's space programs. He also was the first president since Theodore Roosevelt with whom youth could identify. He made the nation see itself with new eyes. His assassination shocked the world.

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Naval Yard Mass Shooting in Washington DC PDF Print E-mail

 A former Navy reservist killed at least 12 people on Monday, September 16, 2013 in a mass shooting at a secure military facility in Washington, DC that led the authorities to lock down part of the nation's capital — even after the gunman was killed. The police continued their hunt for two other armed men spotted by video cameras, until it was clear the gunman acted alone, officials said.


The shooting was the act of a lone gunman, identified as Aaron Alexis, 34, who was working for a military subcontractor. So far 12 people have been killed and more than a dozen injured.  The gunman was also killed brtinging the total deaths to 13.   The chaos at the facility, the Washington Navy Yard, started just after 8 a.m. Civilian employees described a scene of confusion as shots erupted through the hallways of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters, on the banks of the Anacostia River a few miles from the White House and about a half-mile from the Capitol.

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William Hanes Out of the Closet and Out of Hollywood PDF Print E-mail


Charles William "Billy" Hains

January 2, 1900 - December 26, 1973

While all but forgotten today, between 1926 and 1935, William Haines was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, an affable leading man with cocky charm and a self-depreciating comic touch. Haines enjoyed his first major hit with the collegiate football comedy Brown of Harvard, and several years later he was one of the few silent stars who effectively made the transition to talking pictures. But a series of ill-advised pictures sent Haines' career into a tailspin, and he might have enjoyed a comeback if it weren't for one thing -- Haines was gay, and while in 1935 he could hardly openly declare his sexual orientation, he stubbornly refused to deny it either, and sometimes alluded to his lifestyle in fan-magazine interviews.

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